Worldbuilding: Clouds and Caves

I know I’ve threatened so much to get back into writing, but this time I’m actually taking a whole class about it, so hopefully something will come of it! The class I’m taking (via Atlas Obscura, a site I’ve fangirled about for a long time) is focused on Facts-Based Worldbuilding, which right away intrigued me.… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Clouds and Caves

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The light turned red, so I pulled my bicycle to a stop at the intersection. A woman materialized on the sidewalk corner next to me: her hair in a beautiful head-wrap but the rest of her clothes rumpled and dirty, her face wrinkled in what seemed like a permanent rage. She set her giant plastic… Continue reading Nightmares


Once again here in the COVID times I sit here teary-eyed, and this time it’s because of the passing of Chadwick Boseman. I never see movies. Most people I meet get quickly exasperated with me about this. “What do you MEAN you haven’t seen” x or y movie? For me and my limited attention span,… Continue reading Djalia


Woke up this morning feeling homesick – a feeling I’ve had off and on ever since shelter-in-place started. On its face, this feeling is so patently absurd – how could I be homesick, when I’ve never been anywhere but home for these past six months? – and I actually love being here, and am grateful… Continue reading Homesick

Blender Pizza

Last night, as I was doing my usual doomscrolling of social media before bed, a cousin on my dad’s side reached out to me. “Hey is your dad all right? We’ve been trying to reach him. Tell him to call Uncle in California.” At first I thought maybe something had happened to Uncle, and then… Continue reading Blender Pizza


Michelle Obama, our First Lady Forever and Queen, mentioned recently that she is suffering from a low-grade depression. Off and on since the start of the pandemic really hitting here, I’ve felt waves / phases of just overwhelming fatigue. At first I was convinced it was a COVID-19 symptom that hadn’t been discovered yet, but… Continue reading Clouds


I miss blogging! It’s kind of nice to have a safe space to vent and curate my thoughts, and/or vomit them into the aether, for passersby to read or not (most likely, not). Anything tagged “detritus” will be just stuff that’s brain vomit, a demon I had to let seep out via jabbing a tamping… Continue reading Addendum

On the Blog Again

I’ve been making some changes to the layout of this site, mainly to get it portfolio ready. I’ve only been dragging my heels about this, for a year? To document all the art and things I’ve been doing. The biggest hurdle being the feeling that this site must be fully formed, sprung from my forehead… Continue reading On the Blog Again