Hello! If you’re here, that means I (Kim Le, an actual human) probably pointed you to this site, with the HUGE caveat that it has not been updated in some time. This is very much true! While I spend forever noodling on what this site should look like, real quick, here are the things that I actually want to plug in the next few months:

  • I do improv at Baltimore Improv Group all the ding dang time, but most frequently with A++ and a brand new Harold team called “Taco Night” that performs every Saturday at 9:00
  • I’m on a sketch team called “URBAN SPRAWL” which will perform at Charm City Fringe Fest in October. Show dates / tickets here
  • I’m on the writing team for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society‘s next show, a choose-your-own wrestling-themed adventure called Space Kümité! Info about this coming soon, but it goes up at Peabody Heights Brewery in November
  • Save the date – one of my dearest improv/theatre-adjacent projects is GHOST PARTY and we have a Black Friday themed show scheduled for Nov. 30, also at Baltimore Improv Group 👻
  • I’m an artistic associate for Submersive Productions and we’ll be devising an immersive experience at Peabody Library (I just love Peabodies!) in February, more info about that also coming soon

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon, I promise!

— KL