New immersive show: “The Boundary”

Hello friends and spambots who read this blog!
For almost three years now, I’ve been working on developing a new immersive show with my friends at Submersive Productions. It’s involved a lot of ups and downs, to say the least (notwithstanding going through hospice and end-of-life for my father during the middle of the show development), but I’m happy to say that the show is happening, and it’s happening this upcoming September / October.

Snippet from our Feb 2023 test run.

The Boundary: A Life and Death Experience centers around a fledgling startup (“Boundry”) that has developed technology allowing clients to pre-plan and customize their afterlife experience. Focus groups of 5-6 (the audience members) take a tour of the research facilities and afterlife showroom and provide feedback while sampling potential eternities. In the background of all this research and commercial tech activity is the mysterious and sudden disappearance of the lead scientist, which leaves the remaining staff reckoning with loss while struggling to keep the company afloat. 

The show and the development process has been an amalgamation of things I like and/or am low-key obsessed with: collaborating with people, user-centered design, Elizabeth Holmes and other disingenuous tech startups, and talking openly about death and grief.

We did an actual test run of the show in February (that I couldn’t talk about for reasons), and the run was largely successful, though we have a lot of lessons to incorporate. I’ll try to do better about documenting the processes here, for transparency’s sake, and also so that I can remember how we did things. Stay tuned for more!

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