Artist Statement

Through my art, which spans disciplines, I explore the difference between borders and boundaries.

Borders are artificial, political constructs created by man. They’re by definition rigid, and their entire reason for existing is to enforce some law or system. Borders create things like nationalism, jingoism, and occupations. Fuck borders.

With all due respect to my favorite defunct mass-market bookstore.

Boundaries are organic, living things that require constant back and forth conversation. They evolve over time, in concert with their environs. Boundaries are a conversation between sea and land, formed by erosion and tide.

Photo credit: Oleg Magni

Exploring the interstitial space – the boundary lands – is something that has always fascinated me. Maybe because I’m a daughter of immigrants? Because I’ve had a multitude of places that felt fundamentally like “home”? Something about this question feels essential to the human condition.

I hope if you’re reading this, you’re interested in this exploratory journey with me!