Donner Dinner Party

It occurred to me that I have done a bunch of stuff recently, so I should probably dust this ol’ blog up and update people on what I’m doing. Just got done production managing an epic rock opera for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society featuring kaiju, puppetry and romance / life lessons about co-dependency. Check… Continue reading Donner Dinner Party

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Me and my dad: StoryCorps

A year ago, when Asian Pasifika Arts Collective asked for submissions to do a podcast interview with a family member for StoryCorps, I thought instantly of my father. I’d wanted to approach him about recording a podcast series anyways, as part of a past thread of interviews I’ve done with him about his experiences fleeing… Continue reading Me and my dad: StoryCorps

What in the Worlds? Worldbuilding Workshop (April 16)

Feeling a little stuck in this world? Dreaming about other possibilities? Come play with Submersive Productions in What in the Worlds: an online workshop for collaborative and creative ideation open to all! NOTE: the previously announced Sunday April 17 workshop will be rescheduled to a later date. The Saturday April 16 workshop will still take… Continue reading What in the Worlds? Worldbuilding Workshop (April 16)

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