The Audacity of (Hoping That I Continue Writing)

Dusting off this old ghost to try things! (Yes, we’ll see what happens as the calendar spools further into 2019). Here are some words that whoever is running the social media for WIRED reposted today, from President Obama, back before the hell times:

So it’s a *slightly* different now here in 2019 — Orange Voldemort is somehow not impeached yet, and is literally holding the government hostage for his stupid wall, and people around the world have apparently forgotten that fascism is supposed to be a BAD thing. I haven’t been a religious person since I was eleven years old, but there are some tenets I hold onto, in blind faith against an overwhelming torrent of contradictory things. Namely: the only way out is through. Keep on keepin’ on, don’t give in to the shitgibbons, and remember that our primary responsibility is to make things better for the people who come after us.

As much as I’d love to go hide under a blanket with my cat in my apartment, reading memes on my phone until nuclear annihilation claims us all, that does nothing for my wonderfully bright and talented niece. Or the kids I mentor through Refugee Youth Project.

It’s so hard to see it, but the future shines bright before us. We are tasked with chipping away at the old walls, to let the light shine in.