“Ask, and ye shall receive”

Two things in my head this a.m.:

  1. When I go to blog, my fingers retain the memory of my old defunct and dead badmetaphor, and still type that in. I wish I had done a more responsible job of backing that data up…
  2. This amazing breakdown between “Ask” and “Guess” culture. It describes two types of communication styles – “Ask” being the more direct, straightforward, ask for what you want; “Guess” being the more indirect. I grew up in “Guess” culture for sure, and that’s the communication style I’m most comfortable with. But communicating that way has caused me so many issues in my relationships throughout my life. Lately I’ve been pushing myself to be more of an “Ask” person, but it definitely feels psychically draining, like an introvert trying to be an extrovert. Having this vocabulary and perspective would have been supremely helpful ten years ago, if not even earlier.

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